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Freeride Barcelona

Tema en 'Foreign Bikers' iniciado por difool, 22 Nov 2006.

  1. difool

    difool Novato

    23 Ago 2006
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    I've posted here before, just another try :canta

    Any English or German speaking bikers for freeriding or enduro in Barcelona? I go to Collserola quite often, but would also like to explore the bike parks in Montnegre etc, if anyone would like to join up, just post here or even better send a private message!

    Happy riding!
  2. mtbcn

    mtbcn Novato

    31 Jul 2006
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    i answered ur other post, a while ago.

    now that i have my new bike. we could meet and ride around collserola.

    i might be a little young compared to u(13), but that doesnt really matter. im mature:smile:

    add me on messsenger: iellowmunky@hotmail.com

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