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Mac & Break It, Fix It, Ride It Version 1.1

Tema en 'Mecánica' iniciado por Rolink, 26 Oct 2006.

  1. Rolink

    Rolink Cruzacadenas Pro

    15 Sep 2006
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Hola ciclistas,
    hace pocos días he conseguido el disco del título del tema, el caso es que el productor o frabricante del disco ha desaparecido del mapa y soy incapaz de montarlo -instalardo- en mi pc, que todo sea dicho es un power mac.

    Alguien utiliza este "manualiyo bikero" en un mac? en principio debería de correr a partir del sistema 8.5, el caso es que desenpolve el 9.2 del disco duro y no hay forma de instalarlo -el cd de brek it, no funciona el instalador para mac, o mi mac no le hace ni puñetero caso-, la cuestión es que tiene una pinta acongojante, mañana se lo paso a un colega con pc a ver si el puede instalarlo.

    En el siguiente post os dejo copia del readme.txt
  2. Rolink

    Rolink Cruzacadenas Pro

    15 Sep 2006
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Break It, Fix It, Ride It Version 1.1
    Copyright (c) Break It, Fix It, Ride It 2001

    Published and supported by:

    Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm)
    PO Box 757
    Pittsford, NY USA 14534
    Web: http://www.bfr-it.com
    Email: information@bfr-it.com, techsupport@bfr-it.com

    Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) is a Windows(R) and Macintosh(R) compatible CD-ROM that features step-by-step instruction on repairing, maintaining and upgrading today's mountain bikes. Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) V.1.1 allows users to review mechanical procedures of interest and then print out the same procedures to take out to the garage. Both generic and component specific instructions are included in the instruction set.

    The CD-ROM includes sections on diagnostics, installation, maintenance, repair and in-depth technical information on all systems and components of the bicycle. The step-by-step instruction allows the user to attain as much information as needed for the procedure. Following the proven cognitive modeling technique of 'one thought, one image', Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) includes over 5,000 stunning full color images that go right to the heart of the procedures.

    Minimum System Requirements

    300 Mhz processor
    Windows(R) Me, 2000, 98
    128 MB RAM
    100 MB hard disk space

    Power PC processor
    Mac OS 8.5(R) or later
    128 MB RAM
    100 MB hard disk space

    Run Setup from the CD. Quicktime(tm) and Acrobat(tm) Reader are required to run the application. The installers for these applications are provided on the CD. While rebooting your system after installation is not required, it is recommended.

    All menu screens have a Question Mark in the top left corner. Click on the Question Mark to launch the Help Article. You can also reach help from the step-by-step instruction by clicking on the Help button below the cycle computer in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
    Click the Help button again from within the Help Article to launch to our website for online help.

    Main Menu/Start Screen. The main menu is an image of a bicycle.
    The program's main menu is the bicycle itself. When a user points to a specific part of the bike, the appropriate component group sub-menu pops forward, while the rest of the bike fades back. Also available at this level are two 'cable buttons' labeled 'tools' and 'exit'. Clicking on 'tools' will take you to the tools section of the program, which describes several 'mechanic's tool kits' and the individual items within.
    Clicking on the 'exit button' quits the program. The tools section can also be accessed via the bike computer menu system. The program can be exited at any time by pressing 'ctrl Q' on a PC or 'command Q' on a Macintosh(R).

    Sub-System Menu
    Each component group sub-menu works in exactly the same manner, allowing for the selection of a single component within the group.

    Component Menu
    These menus generally offer six choices: Installation, Removal, Adjustment, Maintenance, Technical, and Problems & Solutions. Technical provides in-depth technical information on a particular component. Problems & Solutions offers a series of diagnostics to help you determine the cause of a particular malfunction. In some cases one or more of these sections may not apply to a particular component. In these cases the item will be 'ghosted out' and you will not be able to select it.

    The instruction offers the user an overview of steps and a list of tools before the step-by-step instruction begins. Clicking on an item listed in the overview will take you to that point in the procedure. Pointing to the wrench icon will bring up a list of tools needed for the procedure.

    Pointing to a highlighted technical term within the text description of a step in a procedure will bring up an image and a definition of the term.

    Clicking on a link below the step text will provide related information within an external procedure article. When you exit the related procedure, the program will return you to the procedure you came from via the history button.

    Move step-by-step through a procedure by clicking on the left and right arrows of the bike computer or by using the corresponding keys on your computer keyboard.

    Scan through a set of steps by using the crank in the upper right hand corner. Dragging the crank to 'step 0' will take you back to the procedure overview.

    The Bike Computer Menu / Task Bar

    By clicking on the Menu button on the task bar below the bike computer you can bring up a function and Navigation menu. The main menu and all of the main sub menus can be accessed directly via the menu button. A history of previous procedures you've visited, help, print options and the BFR-IT.com web site can also be accessed via the bike computer task bar. The BFR-IT.com website can also be accessed at any point from the menus via the logo in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Check the web site often for updates to the CD-ROM.

    Known bugs:
    None as of release. Check http://www.bfr-it.com for current information.

    Known quirks:
    When printing multiple files, Acrobat(tm) Reader must be closed before a second file may be opened. Check http://www.bfr-it.com for current information.

    Standard legal disclaimer
    This software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The software or its documentation or sample code may include errors or technical inaccuracies. Changes are periodically made to this software, its documentation and sample code, and may be incorporated in new versions. Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) may improve or change their products at any time without notice. Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) assumes no responsibility for and disclaim all liability for errors in this software or its documentation and sample code. Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) will not be responsible for any damages of any sort under any conditions. While the Break It, Fix It, Ride It(tm) CD-ROM contains no known bugs, use it at your own risk. As always, you should make frequent backups of important information.

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