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    Crank Bros Mallet M - now with magnesium body for lower weight.

    Crank Bros mallet C pedals
    After grabbing everyone's attention a couple of years ago with the innovative Egg Beater pedal, Crank Bros has continued to develop the design, introducing the general-purpose semi-platform Candy pedal last year, and most recently the Mallet C platform for riders who want a lot more support.

    The Mallet Cs weighed 540g/pr and while that's not a bad weight for a clipless/platform pedal - and it doesn't matter much to downhillers, one of the main users of this sort of pedal - lots of people who also ride uphill like the comfort of platform pedals. For them, Crank Bros has introduced the Mallet M. That's M for magnesium, used for the body of a pedal that tips the scale at 460g/pr. That makes the Mallet Ms the lightest clipless platform that we're aware of.

    Mallet Ms are available in silver and team issue orange and an extra set of the replaceable metal end plates is included with longer teeth for better pedal grip.

    Price: US$140; Au$269
    Weight: $460g/pr
    Colours: Silver, orange

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