Prueba Giant Reign 6.7"

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  1. Renifer

    Renifer Miembro

    26 Jul 2005
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    "Giant Reign 6.7 One of our favorite rigs again. It bobbed more than with last year's swinger, but who cares? It still got up and moved out very well. Pedaling manners are excellent in a variety of conditions: out of the saddle, seated, tempo pedaling through trail chop, up loose stuff, all over. A lot of bikes seem to have their momentum drained away through repeated square edge hits or trail chatter. The 6.7 just seems to breeze through these same rock gardens almost like a 29er with impressive suppleness. The geometry is excellent for both climbing and descending. My two gripes from last year have also been addressed: the frame accepts a piggyback shock now, and the cable routing is much improved and does not flex out to the side on every compression. The BB seems a bit low and I clipped my pedals a fair amount, but this probably contributed to the feeling of low-slung stability. The bars were very narrow, but this is easy to fix. An excellent riding bike and a great value."
    Pd: esto es lo que dicen tras probar la bici.
    Un saludo

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