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    CANYON España Canyon Spain Team

    11 Sep 2006
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    Here the English translations



    The advantage when we present a Canyon bike, is that we know that it will allways be better equiped than competitors. But nothing can change that, we are allways surprised from the components quality level : doesn’t matter if it’s about shifts or wheels…

    Before dreaming about the components, first we want to have a look on this aluminium frame. Ok, we are not waiting for wonders, there’s a limit for everything, but when it’s a Canyon bike, it’s really important not to be disturbed by components, and to also focus on the frame.

    So it’s an Aluminium 7005 with round tubes and a great completion level. The drop outs are forged and machined while the seat stay are patented E-Stay, what results in a larger wheel passage wich should give a better behavior and more rigidity. We don’t know if it’s really important at this level but, as Canyon says, this gives to the frame a great little look, element that is frequently forgotten at this price range… without holding account of the decoration of course.

    Well, a studied frame that should be reliable. About reliability, by seeing the wide offer in frame sizes, until size 66 (thanks a lot !), we are ok to believe that Canyon has really hardly tried to make it a reliable frame. We could be affraid it would be a little bit to stiff, as rigidity is the preferred tendancy of German people with aluminium.

    Neverthless, it’s grat force is probably in this impressing offer : nine sizes ! Even if, after studying this, the two last sizes may be reserved for basketball players ! With superior tubes of 595 and 605mm, it goes far ! Very tall people will be happy ! For the others, the majority, they will nevertheless have the choice between the seven other sizes, so no problem !

    Accordingly to this offer you have choice growing from centimeter to centimeter.

    To choose your frame, unfortunately, the weak sloping, will oblige you to choose the smallest frame size possible, even if you had to mount a longer stem, if needed. It’s the only little disadvantage but, it’s more an aesthetic problem than something important…


    So we come where it hurts for competitors of the Roadlite, and for competitors of Canyon in general : the components !

    Putting aside the chain, it’s the ultegra group who takes care of the goodness. Having Shimano components from before-the-last range of the japanese manufacturer on a bike with such a price, it’s simply extraordinary ! Coupled to a compact frameset and a 12x25 cassette, it will be efficient for years…so « full paperboard », (very very good).

    Concerning this choice, we can wonder, for one time, about it’s little ambition, because, in spite of it’s good price, this Canyon bike is a real little race bike !...

    The handlebar and stem set is from the same quality, with a well chosen ergonomic handle-bar, ideal for big hands. For little hands also, in the same time.

    The Iridium stem and seat post have a family look-like with the famous Thomson Masterpieces. Please note that, for this occasion, the seat post is straight and has no retreat. You should keep this in mind when buying, that means well calculate the stem width, because you only will be able to advance on the bike, but not to move back…

    This seat post is surmounted by an excellent saddle, the Filante, kevlar version, by sella italia. A very good quality saddle, which achieves almost unanimity. Only good stuff so !

    We kept the best for the end.

    Equipping a bike of this category with Shimano WH R 550 Wheels sound like an holy wish. Not only we gain a little bit weight, but moreover it’s also a guarantee to have reliable, solid, and with high quality bearing wheels. Not easy to ask for more !


    Try to remember what you could have had, only 2 or 3 years ago, for this amount and in a classical distribution network… this makes me fear !

    So, to ride quietly, as a good family man, go away from this Canyon ! It’s position would not be the most confortable, an dit would be over-equipped. For nothing. For cyclotourists, the same.

    On the other hand, this Canyon is a dream for all the young cyclists – also for less young cyclists – who want to measure themselves by pedals, with a …vindicatory entourage, we would say ! We have never seen before a race bike at this price.

    We remind you that Canyon bikes are only available on internet, that’s why they have so competitive prices. In all cases, it’s better to know a little bit about mechanics before buying one. This would be useful to tighten bike’s handelbar, which arrives disunited from the stem. For the rest, everything is OK.



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    dabuti....en una página española, una marca alemana CANYON, publicita sus productos (para eso paga su patrocinio), hasta ahí me parece estupendo....pero que pongan una prueba de una revista francesa y la traduzcan al inglés me parece que no va bien la cosa.....¿alguien tendría el detalle, -ya sea CANYON o algún forero-, de traducirlo al castellano? GRACIAS.

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