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Tema en 'Rutas y Quedadas' iniciado por xavier.planelles, 21 Sep 2005.

  1. xavier.planelles

    xavier.planelles elpinchazos

    17 Sep 2005
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Hi Guys!!

    We are enjoying to inform you that Transcatalonia btt race will come again this year, from 12 to 15th of october at 8.30h in La Rabasa (Andorra).

    If you are interested for taking the start with us, please send one email to our contact in barcelona (xplanelles@geodental.com), before 30th of setember.

    By the end, just we want to recall for the beginners in this type of race a few words:

    - There is no inscription price , anybody will pay his own spents

    - Maximum number of players stop at 20.

    - And we can not stop the whole group if any player has healthty or technical problems during the race. so, take your charged mobile always with you.

    thanks and good luck

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