BTT 29'' DT SWISS XR1501 Spline
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    Par en 29: 1510 gramos
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    Tecnologia utilizada
    Offering maximum performance and durability, each series of wheels features wider rim widths, multiple wheel sizes, easy tubeless setup, forged straight pull hubs and the legendary DT Swiss Ratchet System® internals. Pair these attributes with an attractive price, and the choice is easy. SPLINE ONE – bringing rider’s one step closer to that ONE perfect ride!

    New rim profile - wider and lighter
    SPLINE ONE wheels feature a unique rim profile that addresses the trend for wider rims in a lightweight package, but still remains durable. All wheels feature rim profiles engineered specifically to maximize the rim’s material across all categories of weight, width and performance.
    Invisible rim connection
    The rims are finished using a special welding process that looks nearly seamless, but still allows for a tenacious bond. On the surface, all rims are coated with a special anodizing treatment that boosts strength and remains du-rable during use. High-quality waterslide decals complete the package for the utmost in aesthetics and provides a great looking package.
    Tubeless ready
    All SPLINE ONE wheels are designed to be tubeless ready with the use of our tubeless rim tape. The rims have been carefully engineered to feature a profile that minimizes the forces applied on the rim sidewall. This optimized rim bed yields fast tire installation, and a great tire fit, allowing for quick and trouble-free tubeless setup.
    Pro Head® Reinforcement System (PHR system)
    Due to it’s larger and more spherical contact area, the new PHR system is designed to balance the loads transferred to the rim. Working in conjunction with the rim’s design, the PHR system acts as a ball and socket interface allowing the spoke to pivot and follow the perfect trajectory from the hub to rim. Overall, this system allows for consistency throughout the build process, easy wheel truing and reduced spoke breakage.
    DT Squorx nipple
    The newly developed Squorx nipple (short for Square-Torx nipple), is a part of the Pro Head ® Reinforcement System and provides a precise fit between the nipple and wrench. This dual purpose design allows for increased precision during wheel building at the factory and service due to the torx interface on top. For convenience, Squorx nipples also feature a standard square interface at the bottom for adjustment anytime using a standard square nipple wrench.
    Straight pull spokes
    In order to achieve the ideal balance between light weight and stiffness, high-quality butted and forged stainless steel DT Swiss spokes are used in a three-cross lacing pattern on all SPLINE ONE wheels. Stronger than conventional spokes, these straight pull spokes are still easily serviced and replaceable using standard tools. More
    Two-piece hub body
    All wheels feature a unique hub shell that is forged through two separate techniques. This process allows us to optimize the hub shell design, maintain structural integrity and reduce overall weight without sacrificing strength. The end result is a hub shell that appears seamless in nature and special in design.
    Modular design hub
    SPLINE ONE wheels showcase DT Swiss’s modular hub system, allowing the user to adapt to different axle and frame standards through a simple tool-free end cap swap. Interchangeability isn’t the only benefit to this system. Addi-tionally our design allows for simple and quick routine maintenance of the hubs internals using little to no tools.

    DT Swiss Ratchet System®
    The patented DT Swiss Ratchet System® is known throughout the world for it’s reliability, efficiency and long-last-ing performance. Each series of SPLINE ONE wheels feature our 36 tooth ratchets, with 10 degrees of quick engagement. This faster engagement allows for increased, more positive power transfer under load and higher performance in technical situations.

    Tecnologia del buje
    DT Swiss hubs have earned their legendary reputation for quality and performance. There are multiple features that make this product a winner: The Ratchet System® driver mechanism is extremely durable, reliable and can be serviced without special tools in minutes, thanks to its simple press fit assembly. The press fit assembly also allows all hubs to work in almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike. The contact free seals and high precision build guarantee smooth bearings; every bit of the rider’s energy is transformed into forward momentum. These features and the super lightweight design of all the hub parts highlights the racing legacy of this classic hub.

    1. End piece
    All DT Swiss 180, 240s and 350 rear hubs can be converted into the current axle systems by swapping the press fit end pieces without the need of tools. More
    2. Ratchets
    Two high precision star ratchets ensure quick and safe engagements and are ultra reliable. The press fit assembly allows for quick and easy servicing. More
    Rotor kits
    On all DT Swiss Ratchet System® hubs the rotor body is exchangeable without tools. More
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