A challenge in south America over 4000 msnm, who is in?

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    Hello, my name is Maria Coello, I am from Peru, and I live in Cusco, I have a cycling company and I would like to introduce you guys in a Challenge here in Peru, the idea is to cross in 4 to 5 days from the Andean Mountains of Cusco to the Peruvian Jungle, to the Tambopata reserve park (Madre de Dios), one of the most beautiful jungle areas in this part of the country. Is 550 kms of road cylcing, no need to be a super good cyclist, as long as you want to pedal in the altitude and cross mountain pases over 4ooo msnm. If you have a group of people interested, let me know, this is an open invitation to participate in a group doing this trip.

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